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A New Discovery

Dr. Tanaka's biggest breakthrough came when she discovered a mysterious substance that she called "STAR" -- which stands for "Smart Transformation and Augmentation Resource". When fed with STAR, ROO would undergo a transformation, both in appearance and in capabilities. Dr. Tanaka had a Eureka moment when she realized that by ingesting enough STAR, ROO became capable of connecting their human users with their soulmates.
As word of this spread, ROO became an international sensation. People from all over the world flocked to Neo-Tokyo to get their hands on one of these amazing little pets. The ROO project was a huge success, and it quickly became known as the solution to loneliness. People would buy a ROO, feed it STAR, and it would connect them with their soulmate. Amplified by ROO's ability to understand and evoke a user's emotions, it gave them a sense of companionship and connection that they had never felt before.
In the end, Dr. Tanaka's ROO revolutionized the world, and she became a legend for her contributions to the scientific community. The ROO pets continued to be cherished by people all over the world, bringing love and companionship to those who need them most.
However, something unexpected occurred as a result of ongoing experiments in Dr. Tanaka's laboratory - a mutant version of ROO was accidentally created...