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Birth of ROO

ROO is your own little planet, nurtured by your personality, that reflects your true self in the ROOIT metaverse.
The Council had poured all its resources into making Rooit a futuristic utopia, but there was a darker side to the city as well. Social interactions were replaced by immediate dopamine hits, advanced VR simulations made social activities feel mundane, and emotions and work stress could instantly be suppressed with neuro-implants. The Council realized this and marketed this new ROO project as the city's glimmer of hope. They were designed to connect with their human users on an emotional level, sensing when they were lonely or bored and connecting them with other ROO owners who were feeling the same way. It was like having a little companion who always knew what you needed, even before you did.
The project went on for ten years. Billions of dollars of funding went into developing ROO over this period and led by Dr. Tenaka, the research team expanded from the starting five to over five hundred. The hardest part was uploading a human consciousness to be transmitted by ROO.
Although ROO was a significant revolutionary achievement in the scientific community, it was not well received at first. People weren't convinced that their lack of or suppressed emotions was problematic. And others were skeptical of this cybernetic organism and its effectiveness.