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Dr. Akiko Tenaka

Dr. Akiko Tenaka, a renowned professor of neurology and psychology at one of Rooit's most state-of-the-art cybernetic research centers, sat in her lab, watching as the cybernetic organisms she had created floated around the room. It had been a long road to get here, but she had finally done it. The council had appointed her as the head of the ROO project--a collection of small, spherical, cybernetic organisms that could connect with their human users on a deeper level than anyone had ever thought possible. And it was all thanks to the Council's funding and resources, which had made it possible for Dr. Tenaka to bring her vision to life.
Dr. Tenaka and the first version of ROO
But there was something sinister about the Council's interest in the project. Dr. Tenaka had started to suspect that they wanted to use ROO to subtly influence and control the population. And she wasn't sure she wanted to be a part of that. But she had been given this opportunity, and she couldn't let it go to waste.
Tenaka's obsession with the ROO project began after a personal tragedy. The only family she had left, her younger sister, committed suicide after battling depression and loneliness for years. Tenaka and her sister lived together in a two-bedroom penthouse near the city center. Ever since their parents died when they were just sixteen and ten years old respectively, Tenaka had been taking care of her sister. When Tenaka came home one night and saw her sister's body in the bathtub, her world fell apart. The feeling of guilt, the idea that she could have done more and been there more often for her sister haunted her. As a result, Dr. Tenaka ended up pouring herself into her work. Work was Tenaka's only escape from reality, and it was her only place to feel a sense of purpose and retribution for the guilt that was eating away at her. She hoped that another tragedy like her sister's could be avoided with the emergence of ROO.